Use Society Pressures to Influence

Our society creates patterns of behavior in us and clients. Understanding these pressures and patterns will give us insights into influencing others. For example, have you ever been given a gift by a stranger? Did you feel obligated? I use to look down in airports just so one of those guys giving flowers out would not approach me. I always felt bad when they gave me something and I did not give them something back.The Law of Tit for TatThe law of reciprocation is fundamental to human values. We all have the need to be “fair”. If someone gives me something, I have to give them something back, because it is fair.Effective sales people know additional information about this law. It really is not fair. It can be use in our favor. Example, I give the secretary a box of Godiva chocolates, to “influence” her to get me an appointment. She schedules you in and you know that the potential sale is worth $20,000 in commissions.The law works very well if the client does not expect the item and it is specific to them.I use to travel a lot for a financial author. I use to carry some of his books. I can’t tell you how many times, giving someone a free $10.00 book got an upgraded hotel room, an upgrade on an airplane, or a discount on service.What gifts could you give a client that would obligate them? (Free consultation, free reports, book, a personal gift).The Law of EndorsementThere is good part of our society that is influenced by others. They NEED social proof.They want to be like others or they believe because others use the product it must be good. Testimonials sell. If you have 100 people endorsing your product, if you have letters, evaluations, reports that tell how great your product is, it will influence the folks.Even stronger are third party endorsements from companies, magazines, or celebrities. An article or personal endorsement from a celebrity can be a huge win-fall. Write down some ideas of who could use your product in your community. It is even useful to give your product away just to get the endorsements rolling in.The Law of Consistency Still another example is the pressure of remaining consistent. Have you ever gotten into an argument and later in the argument, you know you are wrong, but you keep arguing? Once we go down the path, we are more apt to continue down the path.All our lives, we are told to remain consistent, to develop habits, patterns and to develop symmetry. This causes us to desire consistency in our lives. We hate to say “yes” then “no.” I’m right, no wrong. And once we buy into a position, it is hard to back out.So, how can you get the client to commit in a small way, which will lead to a major commitment? Perhaps:Commit to a small step that leads to big one.
Agree to your probing questions.
Try a free trial that leads to the sale.People Buy from Friends and People they likeIf you like someone, you are more apt to trust them and buy from them. Therefore, it is important you use strategies and tactics to make you be liked. Here is a list of activities for you to consider:Send thank you cards for the appointment
Be respectful and considerate (time, & money)
Ask for permission to use their first name
Offer free advice or information
Compliment their home, business, or them
Send article or information of interest
Remember special occasions
Take them out–sociallyMake a friend, and Make a Sale!

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